Working with Pastor Ben, the Monday Night Phone Bank meets on Monday evenings to contact Visitors to Immanuel and members who haven’t been in worship for awhile.  


1.         All new visitors to worship (and special events) will receive both a phone call and personal note within 72 hours of their visit.

2.         Each week 10-20 members who haven’t been in worship for awhile will be contacted through phone and/or notes in the mail.  Recommendations for future action will be referred to the pastors.

3.         Data from contacts will be entered weekly into the church database.

To accomplish these goals, ministers help with various tasks:

•           Researcher - Targeting people from that week’s visitor cards and infrequent attendees (using membership records or the church mailboxes as indicator), find correct phone number and address using the Internet.  For members, check on date last attended, status, etc. 

•           Phone caller - Using the information that the Researchers find, make phone calls to visitors or those who haven’t been in church for awhile.  Write notes about conversation.  Will also make follow up phone calls from previous contacts. 

•           Note Writer - Using the information from the phone caller log, send a note or postcard as a follow up.  Also, for those we don’t have phone numbers for, send a note. 

•           Data Entry - Enter the information from the contact log into the computer system.  Update any contact information, put in notes from conversation, etc.  Run report for Pastor. 

“On the job training” is provided through prayer, guidance from Pastor Ben, and support from fellow ministers.  Ministers do not need to be available every week, but may simply sign up for times that work for them. Contact the church office for more information.

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