The Praise Band consists of 5 or 6 singers who each hold their own microphone, along with a rhythm section of keyboard, guitars, bass and drums. Praise Band vocalists sing harmony in a soprano/alto/tenor format, with written music or improvised parts. Occasionally an “anthem” or “special music” is prepared in addition to leading songs at contemporary services. The Praise Band has also provided music for various events includ­ing Christmas caroling at Brookfield Square, the LifeWalk lunch, and Neighborhood FamilyFest.

Director Jay Isaacson selects these singers, wel­coming others as needed. Qualifications include a sincere desire to help the congregation sing, a worshipful heart, and decent vocal aptitude. Re­hearsals are the Monday prior to the service at 6:00 or 6:30 p.m. in the Youth Room, or more as need­ed.

 Contact Jay Isaacson for more information.

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