Immanuel Lutheran School’s athletic program, Immanuel Lions Athletics, helps children to grow physically and spiritually in the Lord through the use of sports and athletics.

The program emphasizes five goals:

1.      To honor Christ in attitudes and actions.

2.      To give 100 percent effort in games and practices through hard work, self-discipline, and self-control.

3.      To respect teammates, authority figures, and opponents as a reflection of humility and concern for others.

4.      To persevere in mastering athletic skills and to challenge teammates to do the same.

5.      To model Christian conduct as a witness to opponents during athletic competition.

For students to participate in sports at Immanuel, they must attend Immanuel Lutheran School and meet age requirements for specific teams. Sports offered include basketball, football, flag football, softball, cross country, track and field, and volleyball. Teams average two practices and 1-2 games per week. Practices and games last 1-2 hours and take place in the Immanuel Field House and at other Lutheran schools. Contact Kent Kaelberer for more information.

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