Invite some neighbor ladies over for a pamper party complete with facials, foot soaks, and manicures!  This kind of party would work best in the evening to promote true relaxation. Send out invitations for your party, describing the evening. Let ladies know to dress comfortably.

It’s important to create a very relaxing atmosphere for this kind of party. Set the mood in your home by dimming the lights, placing several lit candles around the room, and playing some soft instrumental music.

You can either purchase premade facial masks in the health and beauty department of a store or create some homemade treatments. You can set thin slices of cucumber or warm-water-soaked chamomile tea bags on eyelids. (Just be sure to squeeze out excess water before placing the tea bags over the eyes.)

Mash up bananas for a great facial mask, and soak feet in tubs or large bowls of warm water. Place a bunch of marbles at the bottom of the tubs to roll feet around on for a wonderful massage. Have a variety of nail polish colors, polish remover, cotton balls, files, and clippers.

Set up three different stations for the three different treatments. One will be the facial and eye treatment. One will be the foot soak, and one will be the manicure. As guests arrive, assign them a place to start, spreading them out so that each station has an equal number of people. Have guests rotate through at 5-to10-minute intervals.

Helpful hint: Paraffin wax kits can be found at most department stores for about $30. Add a little extra pampering to your party by letting your guests take a warm and fragrant hand dip.

Instant Intentions

Play instrumental praise and worship for your background music. Allow conversation to happen naturally during this time; you might talk about other ways each of you needs pampering, comfort, or relief in life. Discuss ways you can help each other in the future; for instance, make plans to go to a spa or even get away for a weekend night.

-          From the book, Field Guide to Neighborhood Outreach by Group Publishing, 2007.

Note: Another way to witness to women at a pampering party: invite them to Immanuel’s Ladies Night Out, held here at Immanuel Dec. 1, 2009!  - Lisa Jaeger