Our current sermon series examines the text of 1 Corinthians. Each week, we’ll publish a Bible study that previews the passage to be examined the next weekend at church. Please read the Scripture indicated and answer the study questions in advance if possible. May God richly bless you and draw you closer to Him as you dig deeper into His Word!
Week 4: Read – 1 Corinthians 5-6 (To prepare yourself for service the weekend of January 30th)
Study: 1 Corinthians 5:1-13 – Theme: Expel the Immoral Brother
Open It:
When was a time you had to stop associating with a friend because of his or her bad influence on you?
Explore It:
Why did the Corinthians tolerate immorality in their church? (5:2)
Why was it necessary for the Corinthian church to expel a man from their congregation? (5:5-6)
Why is it unnecessary for Christians to judge non-Christians? (5:12-13)
Get It:
How should any church react to gross sin practiced by a stubborn member?
What warnings should careless Christians take to heart?
How can we expel immoral Christians from our churches and at the same time have Jesus’ love for sinners?
Apply It:
What habits can you cultivate to prevent yourself from becoming callous to the sins of other people?
Study: 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 – Theme: Lawsuits Among Believers
Open It:
How does a court of law solve and not solve problems between people?
Explore It:
Why was Paul disturbed by the practice of Christians bringing their disputes before non-Christians? (6:1-6)
What did the Corinthians need to do when they were wronged by other Christians? (6:7)
What did the fact that the Corinthians were suing each other prove about them? (6:7-10)
What were some of the Corinthians before they were saved? (6:11)
What had changed the Corinthians’ standing before God? (6:11)
Get It:
What could you do differently when settling disputes to better reflect God’s priorities?
What should a Christian do if the person he or she accuses is unwilling to submit to the judgment of other believers?
What difference does it make that we have been sanctified and justified by the Spirit of God?
Apply It:
What do you want to remember the next time you are wronged by another Christian?
Study: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 – Theme: Sexual Immorality
Open It:
In what ways do Americans typically mistreat their bodies?
In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges to sexual purity in our society?
Explore It:
What did Paul mean by saying, ―I will not be mastered by anything‖? (6:12)
What’s wrong with sex outside of marriage? (6:15-16)
How is sexual immorality different from other sins? (6:18)
How are Christians’ bodies unique? (6:19-20)
Get It:
In what specific ways is it possible for you to honor God with your body?
What can you do to master areas of your life that could cause you to sin against your body?
Apply It:
In what way can you remind yourself this week that you were bought at a price and are God’s temple?
In what settings or situations should you take precautions against sexual immorality? How?
Source: The Navigators. New Testament Lesson Maker. NavPress Publishing Group: Colorado Springs, CO, 1992.