WHEN: October 10th

TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 pm

PLACE: Immanuel Lutheran Field House and School

WHO’S INVITED? Any Immanuel Church member in Grades


COST: You have 3 choices: Sign up to bring an ingredient for tacos, $5 when you come that night,,or bring a Coat for the Condella’s Coats for Kids Drive

PARENTS ARE NEEDED!!! I need at least 15 parents to sign up to help chaperone no later than September 22nd or I will have to cancel the event. If you can help, please contact Ms. Corn either by email or phone as soon as possible. 

GAME SYSTEMS NEEDED!! We will need youth to bring and set up game systems that night. I will allow Playstations and Wii’s. We will allow Guitar Hero, Dance, Dance Revolution and Wii Sports. I will also allow any games for the systems that are rated “E” I will need to personally approve any games rated “T” and absolutely no games will be allowed rated higher than “T”! Please contact me no later than September 22nd if you are able to bring a game system so that I can have enough T.V.’s ready for that night.