"Thank you for the package that you sent me. It was a big surprise! I especially liked the booklets. I’m a born again Christian man so it was great to get good reading material.

I am based out of Tallil, Iraq which is next to Ur, the birthplace of Abraham. I am a Civil Affairs officer so I mostly plan outreach projects to help the Iraqis get basic needs met. This is my second tour for OIF and things are getting better but after so many years of Saddam, Iraq has such a long way to go. Oh, I am 43 years old, married to a wonderful wife for almost 20 years, and have 2 boys. Linda is my wife, Nicholas and Timothy are my boys (10 and 8). We live in Denver, Pa. I am also a Major in the Army Reserves and this is hopefully my last long tour away from home. We will see what God has planned though. Thank you so much for the box, I don’t think that in my last tour or in Desert Storm did I ever, get a box with a return name “Immanuel”. My thought was I don’t know anyone with that name; then I remembered that God has many names. God bless you all,

Kelly Thrasher, Major, USAR"

You can help support our Military. In the past we have sent them large boxes of snacks, toiletries, games etc. We have also sent birthday cards, phone cards and religious materials. If you would like to participate in continuing this outreach to our military men and women, please respond by helping replenish the military account. If you would like you may use the “Green Mission Envelopes” and mark military.