You don't want to have to deal with looking up the right way to build your own or hire your own website designer and host. It's not really your job. You'd rather it just be done, leaving you to MAYBE write an article or two. That's 90% of business and organizations right there, but the cure for your pain is finding the right web designer and host. You want your site to be easy to manage once built. You want it to look new. You want it to load on any device. And you don't want to pay a lot.

I have to be honest, I am a web designer, so this is kind of an ad for my business, Passive Ninja Web Design I've figured out how to design and deliver websites fast. Plus, I've figured out that most customers don't really want to spend a lot of time updating the sites, so I've made it easy. In fact, the whole process is easier than you can imagine if you've never used my web services. Why? I set up the articles and categories you need, and you just edit as you like. I set up some categories as blogs, which means you write an article and it's posted to the site. Other categories are static pages, which means you just edit that page. Yes, you need new content to be relevant, but you don't need to update your home page daily.

People are always concerned their designer will abandon them. You MUST ask this right away, whether you want to use an expensive boutique or a freelancer. If they design and then leave you to it, you will be left with many questions. I've also seen a lot of companies pay for WordPress sites (a free script) and then get left with doing all the updates on their own. Sometimes, the designer makes it impossible to update without paying for it. This is just sad, since anyone can learn basic updating of a free CMS. Those creeps are just trying to get more money for something as simple as hitting an "Update" button.

However, I do know that some updates are major. Your website plan should include paying for a major update every couple of years, as technology changes. It's a bad idea to just scrap the old one and start over, but as newer versions of content management systems are available, you'll want them, so expect to be charged for that. For example, when I had to update Joomla sites from a version 2.5 to 3.0, I charged about $300.That was cheap, as most competitors came in around $1000. The problem is that you want to keep the content, and you don't want your site falling too far behind the times, even if the new site looks almost exactly like the old one.