If you work at Froedtert, Childrens, The Medical College of Wisconsin, or any entity associated with or near The Milwaukee Regional Medical Complex, you have two choices for commuting: deal with the pain or live in the right place. Even when the Zoo Interchange Project is finally finished, the commute is still an unnecessary pain when you consider the great neighborhoods adjacent to the MRMC. However, the increased desire to live within walking distance has created a rental boom for the area, so be prepared to pay for the convenience. However, you can also prepare to save THOUSANDS of dollars in gas money and over ONE HUNDRED HOURS of commute time from the burbs.

Long lines exiting the medical center are typical, and those lines only get worse with a bit of snow. Part of the problem is that the county owns the roads, but Wauwatosa and Milwaukee run the roads outside of the complex. Added to this mess, the MRMC does not have its own plan for alleviating traffic, other than to route all of it to Watertown Plank: the same road that has seen a traffic increase from new research facilities, a UW-Milwaukee extension, and apartments. Having to exit MRMC to the north is a pain, even if you love driving your car. Your best bet to avoid this annoyance is to purchase or rent a property to the south of MCW. To add to the confusion, you can't go too far south or else you'll be living in West Allis, which is more of a town you shop in rather than live in. Go west, and you're dealing with construction and downtown commuters. Go east or northeast and you better check crime statistics.

But you can't possibly WALK, can you? Well, only if you live within walking distance, meaning a few blocks of Wauwatosa, Ravenswood (also in Wauwatosa), or Cannon Park (in MKE). From these locations directly to the east or south of MRMC, you can easily bike or walk to work. Just avoid busy streets or Wisconsin Lutheran College apartments. For more information on this area, houses for rent in the area, and a map that explains where you want to live if you're interested in eliminating commuting pain, check out this article.